Spanish food  -  Serrano Ham
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Spanish food  -  Serrano Ham

Spanish food - Serrano Ham

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Jamon Serrano is the hind leg of the white pig, obtained under proper slaughtering and butchery conditions and subjected to a process of salting/drying and curing under strictly controlled conditions .Serrano ham The result is a stable meat product with exceptional taste and nutritional qualities. Jamón Serrano is one of the cornerstones of Spanish gastronomy. It is Spain’s most outstanding meat product, not only because of its high levels of consumption and deep-rooted tradition but also because of its high quality. The word "serrano " in Spanish refers to the sierra, or mountains. Jamón Serrano is traditionally produced in mountainous environments where the air is clean, the moisture levels just right and the winters very cold. These are the traditional requirements for curing.

What difference is there between Jamón Serrano and other European cured hams?

By comparison with Italian Parma and San Daniele hams, Jamón Serrano has a lower moisture content in the end product, giving it a firmer texture and a more intense flavour. German Speck ham is smoked whereas Jamón Serrano is not, in fact it is absolutely forbidden to add anything to a serrano ham other than sea salt, and time. The French Jambon de Bayonne has a different flavour and is usually sold without the hoof and with the skin slightly cut back at the tip, whereas Jamón Serrano has a V-shaped cut in its skin. The essential difference between Jamón Serrano and Spanish Ibérico Ham (commonly known as "pata negra" or "black-hoofed" ham) is the breed of pigs and the diet they are fed on. Ibérico Ham is different, its curing process is very long (over 2 years) and it has outstanding flavour and aroma.

How is Jamón Serrano produced?

Production of Jamón Serrano according to the Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español (established a set of production standards to guarantee quality) standards is apparently simple - all you need is fresh pork, salt, air and time. That sounds easy but professional production involves substantial technical challenges. Production is carried out today in modern drying chambers incorporating the latest technology and high standards of hygiene which artificially reproduce all the different phases of the process, allowing continuous production, consistent quality and optimum ambient conditions at all times.

These phases tie in with the traditional methods applied by families or small producers in the traditional pig-farming areas when they slaughtered the pigs they had reared at home for many months. The climate was an essential part of the production process, which began in the cold winter months and ended with mild summer temperatures. This domestic process that took place in many homes in Spain was a means of ensuring a supply of home-made food for much of the year and was the origin of the Jamón Serrano industry

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