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Spanish food  -   Galician Food

Spanish food - Galicia

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Galicia, in Spain's northwest has a spectacular coastline that provides a secluded habitat for a variety of delectable crustaceans, fish and shellfish. The fan-shaped sea scallop, called vieira, the pilgrim's shell, are sweeter and plumper than in any other part in Spain. They may be eaten straight from the water with a squeeze of lemon, or aked on their shells in a splash of local Albariño wine, from the Rís Baixas, or with a coating of crumbs and spices.


Octopus is a very popular dish in Galicia, cooked a feira, the way it is done on the romerías, the festive-religious excursions to a Saint's shrine, ie cooked whole and then cut into pieces after beating to soften it. It is seasoned with oil, paprika and salt. The empanada or crusted pie is symbolic of Galicia. It may be filled with an endless variety of different meat and fish as well as a lot of onion, all of which is placed between two thin layers of oily saffron-coloured pastry so that the latter does not become dry.

Lacon con Grelos

The most famous dish offered to the visitor of Galicia is lacón con grelos (salted ham with turnip tops). Lacón is pork from the cooked front leg and grelos are the budding top leaves of small turnips. These elements are boiled and served together with a chorizo, the piquant Spanish sausage, and potatoes called cachelos. It tastes slightly bitter and certainly unmistakable because of the vegetable.

Caldo Gallego

Caldo gallego is a common dish for the Galicians. It is designed to fight humidity and cold and consists of cabbage, potatoes, beans and, depending on the cook's purse, ham, chorizo, spare ribs, etc..

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