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Spanish food - Cecina de Leon

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Cecina de Leon is known to have been produced in northern Spain since at least the 4th Century A.D. when it was described in an agricultural treaty by written by Seneca. The word "cecina" is beleived to be derived from the Latin "siccus" meaning to dry or possibly from the Celtic "ciercina" which refers to the north wind.

What is Cecina de Leon?

Cecina is air dried and smoked cured beef made from the hind leg of cattle, the outside of which has a dark toasted colour which forms during the curing process - the inside when cut is a rich maroon cherry colour with a light marbling of fat which enhances the succulent flavours.

Similar products to Cecina exist across the World and include such delicacies as Biltong in southern Africa, Jerky in N. America and Bresaola in Italy to name but a few and all are made in a very similair way being air cured.

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